4 Steps for self-reliance!

Self-reliance is the best reliance as long as you have an action plan and are working towards it. So how does one be more self-reliant? How does one prevent the negative feelings and emotions that cause us self-doubt and anxiety?

Step 1: Disconnect from what causes you anxiety. Use the following technique for intention-based disconnection. Your thought is your intention and the power of the intention can be felt when you use the following:

Sit quietly on a chair and take a few deep breaths. Then say in your mind,

“Disconnect and withdraw my energy from <names of people, events and situations>.”

“Disconnect and withdraw other people’s energy <names of people, events and situations> from me.”

“Disconnect, Disconnect, Disconnect at all three levels of physical, mental and emotional.”

If you are still anxious and do the above exercise, you should feel the impact right away. If you feel sleepy after this, feel free to take a nap.

Step 2: Meditate to align with your soul. I can’t stress enough, the need to align with your soul. When you do this meditation, ask your soul to guide you and take you through your path of true purpose. Many business people fail to recognise the power of meditation. It is seen as a spiritual tool and while many meditations are for spiritual awakening and growth, the meditation mentioned above is intention-based and is suitable for all types of people from all walks of life. Successful people will tell you that the more centered they feel with themselves, the more they can achieve. This meditation is a means to achieve this centeredness with oneself.

Some of us meditate while other’s don’t. Those who don’t, the recommendation is to use mindfulness while working on various activities because mindfulness is a form of mediation to focus one’s mind and prevent unnecessary negative thoughts.

Step 3: Despite the above two steps, you will have times when your mind will cause you to think about your recent past and create anxiety based on what-if thoughts. It will keep wanting to return to that feeling of familiarity from a past experience you may have had. When you do get such thoughts, mindfully, say to yourself,

“I understand and accept that this thought has come to my mind, but I let go it. I release it and let it go.”

If that doesn’t work, then repeat step 1 and suggest disconnecting from the thoughts.

I recently read an interesting book, ‘The Mind Body Code’ by Dr. Mario Martinez that uses forms of re-coding oneself. Some concepts, while complex are well explained by Dr. Martinez and I have used a form of the technique he suggests to deal with elements like anxiety and self-confidence.

Step 4: When you do visualise and decide on your goals, you have communicated to your subconscious and to the Universe, what you want.

Next, tell the Universe that it is its problem to make things happen for you. This sounds counter-intuitive but it isn’t. Relying on the Universe is linked with reliance on yourself. It is about relinquishing your control over outcomes, while maintaining control over the actions you take.

When you take all the necessary action steps that you have planned, you have done your part. The more you try to control the outcomes of your actions, the more difficult it will be to detach from outcomes, which do not go the way you planned.

Instead, rely on the Universe to bring you the outcomes you deserve. Know that it is working towards helping you achieve your goals. But be ready to deal with any emotional ups and downs it brings into your journey. Don’t lose hope because of the emotional ups and downs. A little patience will go a long way.

Would you rather be patient and continue relying on yourself or would you rather get the Universe to put you through a pattern. To help with this step, feel free to use this meditation.


Please feel free to comment on your experience of the steps mentioned above. I’d love to hear from you and share your stories with others, if you so choose. The power of mindfulness and meditation is being harnessed across all types of businesses and organisations so why not introduce it to your organisation and reduce stress levels and create a healthy environment.


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