4 Steps to success by enhancing your energy…

The Jolly Wally believes that, while goal-setting and taking actions are important, so is managing our thoughts and working in alignment with the Universe’s energy. Here, are the four key steps to enhance your energy and attain the success you truly deserve…

Visualise and energise your goals

We have all heard about visualising goals, from successful people. Visualise, how you will feel when you achieve your goal, the sense of peace and joy (not happiness) you will feel, the excitement! While visualising your feelings, some may get emotional and that’s alright. Just let the emotions pass. Allow your visuals to energise you and your chakras.

If you can combine your visuals with the MEDITATION: Healing though positive planes of the Universe , you will receive faster and more powerful results. This is because you’re energising your goals and intentions while you meditate. Energise your goals with positive energy from the healing planes of the Universe, request the positive energy to remove any blockages that are keeping you from attaining your goals.

I have assumed that your goals are aligned with your true purpose. If not, please use the MEDITATION: Align with your soul and true purpose in life to find your true purpose.

Alter your energy to align with your goals

When our mind starts thinking about what-if situations, it causes us anxiety. Stop and take a deep breath. Take two or three if you need, to calm yourself.

Next, ask yourself to feel how you would feel when you achieve your goal. Imagine that you’ve achieved it. Feel the shift in your energy as you move from anxiety to achievement. Remind yourself that there is nothing to worry anymore because you’ve already achieved it. But refrain from letting your mind create stories around what will happen after you achieve your goals. The trick is to feel the feeling of achievement and alter your energy accordingly but not continue to feed your ego by moving into stories that can cause you momentary happiness and get you more attached to the goal, leading to expectations. There is a very subtle difference and as you practice this technique you will understand what I mean.

If your goal was to build a house, and your mind is anxious and unsure of how to go about it, imagine that you have all the resources you need to build it. So there is nothing to worry. Return to the present moment and do what you were doing before your mind distracted you. Perform the actions you need to undertake to ensure building the house. But do not start thinking about what you would do after you build it. Steer away from pride because it will only lead to attachment with the outcome and increase your expectations. Both are detrimental to your attaining your goal. I am not suggesting you don’t focus on it but there is a difference between focusing and getting attached just as there is a difference between loving and obsessing about something or someone.

The key is for you to make your goals, visualise them, the feeling you will feel and put together your action plan. Follow your action plan and refrain from letting your mind create what-if situations. For example, if your mind wonders what-if you can’t achieve your next step, what-if there is a delay, what-if the world falls apart. Can it? Yes it can. Will it? You don’t have an answer to it and neither does anyone else. Instead focus on your action and the present. This requires constant practice and the next step mentioned below will help with it.

Rely on the Universe

Easy said than done but know that, when you have set a goal, the Universe gets working on it. Energy follows thought which is why old scriptures talk about not speaking, hearing or thinking negative things. Such negative thoughts can cause negative energies that are to your own detriment.

Relying on the Universe, detaches us from the outcome of our actions and goals. We simply do the action as per our action plan and allow the Universe to work its magic. As soon as you attach yourself with the outcome, your expectations rise and your mind will then start creating stories, either positive – to make you feel happy, or negative – to make you anxious and feed on your fears. The recommended approach is to remain neutral.

It is natural for our helpless minds to make up stories based on our past experiences and teachings. But it is up to us to prevent it from thinking negative thoughts and creating thoughtforms that will block our goals. If you have aligned with your true purpose, then your goals are for the right reasons and be assured that the Universe will work to help you attain them. The responsibility of taking actions sits with you, the responsibility of attaining the outcomes sits with the Universe. It is the Universe’ problem and let it resolve it, let it make it happen for you.

Calm your mind when challenged

When you go through a difficult lesson or challenge, your mind will tend to take over and cause you to question your actions, your thoughts, and in some cases, even your goals. While it is important to listen to our emotions because they communicate to us what we need to change, make sure you continue doing your meditations. Allow the emotions to pass. Refer to Calming your mind… and That unwanted feeling of confusion… and allow your soul and the Universe to guide you through these situations.

Meditating and aligning with your soul does not suggest you are weak and cannot take the actions necessary. They are but tools available to us so why not make use of them? Make it easier for us? It would be silly not to use tools that the Universe has provided to us. The fact that you are reading this is reason enough to know that the Universe is looking out for you.


4 thoughts on “4 Steps to success by enhancing your energy…

  1. Thank you. I was looking for something like that to read, something I could totally relate to! Something to bring more meaning and peace to me in the situation I’m at. And it made me question..why do we stop dreaming? When I was a kid I was dreaming of a desired situation to a detail, I could see what colour of shoes I will be wearing when I achieve my goal. I could feel myself in that situation so vividly and realistically that it was almost another reality. And very often I would rush to bed just to start dreaming and imagining things. And of course many years later I actually found myself inside the very reality of those dreams, when most of them came true.
    I was growing up and gradually the reality took over my life and now at 33 I stopped dreaming almost completely. I now have difficulties falling asleep so I have those youtube videos going on forever, and never ending FB feed to distract me from my thoughts and anxieties before I fall asleep. And now I question myself, how did that happen? and when? was it when I got that fancy car? or when i had my first heartbreak? Or when I left my home? How do I go back to that positive optimistic outlook on life and state of mind? The very state you are describing in your article? The state that is full of life and love for life and everything in it.

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