Change and Patterns in July

Change is coming! The more you resist it, the more abrupt it will feel.

July will remind you of your patterns. Most of us know our patterns but we do struggle to break them. There are two ways of looking at the full moon energy in July. You can think of it as causing you emotional challenges or you can see it as a reminder of your patterns and helping you break them (if you so desire).

Why wouldn’t you want to break a negative pattern to move on to the next phase of life? Why would you want to hold on to a pattern that holds you back from the life you truly deserve?

The pattern may be related to your relationships, whether work or personal. July may change how you felt about someone or it might bring you in contact with a new soul who will bring positive change to your life. Some might meet their soulmate, some might break up from a long term relationship. Either way, it is for the best.

Some may feel the need to break their pattern of being victimised, others may feel the need to deal with their insecurities, yet others may look to find new ways to motivate themselves, change their depressed moods. Irrespective of the challenge, you will seek out solutions to help you break your pattern. This is your opportunity to grow and move forward. So look forward to it.

Breaking patterns is not easy because it requires a clear understanding of what causes the pattern. Emotions are our gateways to understanding patterns. How you chose to show them to others is up to you. But if you’re able to ask the question “Why” you feel how you feel, and dig deeper into what is causing that feeling, and continue asking the “Why” until you get to the true reason you will find your solution. However, not everyone is able to get through this level of questioning and many tend to get stuck before they get to the real reason. If you need guidance, seek it from your soul. Use this MEDITATION: Align with your soul and true purpose in life.

Typically, the reasons underlying our emotions is connected to an insecurity or anxiety that is then linked to a fear or belief (value). To heal yourself from this fear or change your value system, there are a few techniques that I shall share soon. But until then, feel free to use this meditation and ask the Universe to help heal you of the fear. Use this MEDITATION: Healing though positive planes of the Universe.

Change is always good so look forward to what’s coming! It could happen sooner than you think!

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