Center and Energize yourself – Meditation

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REMEMBER: Energy follows thought

Duration: 16 minutes

When to use this meditation:

  1. To replenish your positive energy, relieve stress
  2. To heal yourself of physical, mental or emotional pain or negativities
  3. To energize yourself
  4. To center yourself

Preferred Time: Early morning

Preferred location: Anywhere quiet

Getting into the zone…

Sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor and spine straight. Your palms on your knees facing upwards. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Release any tension you have in your body. Any pain, physical, emotional or mental, any stress, grief, anxiety, fears and all negativities and negative energies.

If your mind is scattered at any point during this meditation, calmly bring it back to focus on your breath. You can also say, “Disconnect from that thought.”

Feel your body relax into your posture. Relax your shoulders Relax your head and your neck.

Take a few deep breaths. And keep breathing out any negative energies inside you.

Disconnect from Negativities…

Now Say in your mind, “Disconnect and withdraw my energy from other people (you may say the names of specific people if there are any),

“Disconnect and withdraw my energy from negative entities, negative energies, events and situations.”

“Disconnect, Disconnect, Disconnect at all three levels of physical, mental and emotional.”

Then repeat after me, “Disconnect and withdraw negative energies of other people from me. (you may say the names of specific people if there are any)

“Disconnect and Withdraw any negative energy of entities, events and situations from me.”

“Disconnect, Disconnect, Disconnect at all three levels of physical, mental and emotional.”

Take deep breaths and feel light as the negative connections disconnect from you.

Align with the planet… Ground yourself (Very Important for this meditation)

You may bring your hands together in front of your chest like a namaskar salutation and bow your head gently.

Say in your mind, “I am grateful to our planet for giving me everything I need. I salute our planet and align with its energy.”

You may continue to keep your hands in the Namaskar salutation or place them on your knees with your palms facing upwards.

Now feel the Earth’s energy enter through your feet and rise to your legs and the rest of your body. You may or may not feel a tingling sensation. If you do, then allow the sensation to continue. If you are a visual person, visualise this energy entering through your feet and spreading inside every part of your body. Breathe deeply. Allow this energy to open your chakras.

Remain in this position until the Earth’s energy has filled your body and energised your chakras.

Connect with the healing energies…

Visualise yourself in the higher planes of the Universe. You are surrounded by sparkling white light. Smile as you feel the sparkling white light penetrate through your skin and fill your body.

Breathe deeply and see the energy fill your body, your palms, your arms, shoulders, neck, head, chest, your back, stomach, hips, legs, feet. Breathe in the positive energy.

Now repeat after me, “I command the energy to heal my physical pain (if you have any). I command the energy to heal my negative emotions and thoughts. Disintegrate any negative thoughts, negative emotions, negative entities, negative energies inside me and replace them with positive energy.

Breathe and allow the healing to take place. Bask in this positivity and remain in the higher planes for as long as you like. Feel the peace and calm within you.

Shield yourself…

Take a few deep breaths and visualise a protective transparent shield around you, at all three levels of physical, mental and emotional.

Repeat after me, “I command my shield to protect me from any negative energies, entities, negative people, situations, events. I command my shield to only allow positive energy to enter. I command it to remain for a week. I and I alone can take it down.”

Now take a deep breath and visualise your protective shield around you.

Then return to where you are seated and feel the strong connection from your feet to the planet.

Slowly open your eyes and SMILE!! 🙂