That unwanted feeling of confusion…

The feeling of confusion on one’s path, like all other emotions is temporary. Yes!! Phew!! …But what if that feeling keeps coming back?

The last few years have caused much conflict around the Globe,  in the form of natural calamities or acts of hostility and war. We have felt conflicts within ourselves, within our minds, and amongst each other. We have felt confused about our professions, our paths, our relationships. We have questioned our beliefs, our values, and our teachings. We have felt a restlessness inside.

Most of us personify our emotions and the reasons behind them, blaming people or situations for our confusion. That unwanted feeling of confusion does pass as it should… but returns. And you may want to blame more people and more situations for it. But it will return yet again (sigh!) and continue to do so until you have de-personified the emotions and reasons and looked within yourself.

Jolly Wally woke up one morning feeling utterly confused, so much so that he wasn’t sure if he should go to work that day. He was deep in thought and felt a restlessness within. The more he thought, the worse it got. He wondered why he had bouts of confusion for the past few months, he wondered if he were the only one suffering from it. Everything is a syndrome, he told himself and then spend a few minutes confused about what to call it. He did succeed in the end and named it confusionitis, the syndrome where one tends to be confused more often than not, in the matters of the path chosen. He realised that he was fearful of changing the path he had chosen. The more he thought about his fear, the more anxious he got and the worse his confusionitis.

The Jolly Wally, did end up resolving his confusion, through consciously connecting with his soul and the Universe and letting them be his guide. This is how he went about it… He decided that he was tired of his new found syndrome and he was tired of thinking about it, being fearful of it. So he would let it be the Universe’ problem. He was able to do that because he had complete faith and reliance on the Universe. What I mean is that the Jolly Wally believed that everything that the Universe brought to him had good reason, that there was a lesson for him to learn and grow. So he let go… He let go of his fear of change that it might bring to him. He told himself, that it would not be the end of the World.

If only we were like that Jolly Wally… but we are…

To allow your soul to guide you through your true purpose and path, use this visualisation/mediation technique. To do a more advanced technique of connecting with the Universe’ planes use this visualisation/meditation . It will help you connect with your soul energy and the Positive planes of the Universe. Allow them to show you and take you through the path you truly deserve. The path may not be the easiest one but I assure you that it will be the most joyful one!

And no more confusionitis!

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