Calming your mind…

Do you control your mind Or… does your mind control you?

Most of us can associate with the latter. Thoughts cause emotions. If you have positive thoughts then you feel positive emotions and if you think negative thoughts, then they cause you negative emotions. Many of our thoughts are based on our past experiences and they cause us to judge situations and people, and compare them with the past, leading to either a positive or negative emotion. A worse case scenario is when the thought causes emotions that lead to actions or feelings that we have experienced before – a pattern.

Eckhart Tolle beautifully explains the need to get out of your head and more, in his book, ‘The Power of Now’.

If you are someone who constantly bickers about your future instead of enjoying the present, when you do achieve your goal, your goal would have changed and you will probably continue to be dissatisfied. Have you met people who are wealthy and successful, and yet dissatisfied? Their problem is connected to their mind, their thoughts. The choice is yours – do you wish to go through patterns or do you wish to break them and move on? Do you want to achieve your goals and yet be dissatisfied? Or do you want to feel the peace and accomplishment within, always!

Breaking a pattern is not easy and if you need external help, please reach out to professionals.

While unnecessary and unwanted thoughts cause us trouble, we do need our thoughts to dream big and aspire for bigger things in life. The intent of this message is not to suggest that you not think where you need to. The intent is to recognise when you need to think and when you don’t. You certainly don’t need to think every minute of the day.

So how does one train the monkey mind?

Any kind of physical exercise will prevent the mind from thinking unnecessary thoughts while you are performing the exercise. But let’s say you do get a thought. Don’t fight it. Instead, acknowledge the thought and acknowledge its underlying emotion. Then allow the thought to pass. If it returns, repeat the process. This takes practice.

Meditations in the morning are yet another tool to help calm the mind and reduce unnecessary thoughts throughout the day. Try this Meditation to calm your mind and align with your soul and your true purpose

Rely on the Universe. Let go of your thoughts and the emotions they drive. Certain life and death situations or painful events are not easy to get over. And the reliance on the Universe perhaps will take some time in some circumstances but try and repeat in your mind – that the Universe always takes care of you. You may be angry at the Universe for putting you through the tough situation but there may be Karmic or lessons for you there.

Let’s say you are driving and your mind wanders to a heated discussion you had with someone earlier.  These thoughts cause you to be angry. The person next to you cuts into your lane in front of you and you are furious. The seed of anger has been awakened.

If you are unable to manage your thoughts, you can learn to manage the emotions they cause. Here is Jolly Wally’s way of managing emotions

Step 1: Using the above example, the first step is to acknowledge that your seed of anger has been awakened. All of us have seeds of all emotions within ourselves.

Step 2: Step outside yourself and watch yourself go through the emotion of anger. This should help reduce it.

Step 3: Or just laugh. Laugh at yourself for getting annoyed. Laugh at the person who just cut into your lane. Laugh it out!

Step 4: Ask your seed of anger to return to its seed form. What you are doing is consciously altering your state of energy because energy follows thought and your request is a thought. Then invoke your seed of calm and peace and request them to fill your energy with peace and calm. Feel the peace and calm energise your body.

Do the meditation mentioned above if you are unable to do the steps mentioned above.


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