The Settling of June’s Energies

Jolly Wally reckons the new moon today will bring positive changes. Some will feel them immediately and others will feel them over a period of a week or so. Many of you may have felt the impact of the last full moon and its reminder to make changes. The reminder was in the form of emotions running high. Many of you have since then made some small changes, that will lead you to bigger changes in the future months. Some may have discovered a difficult truth or fact but note that it will only help yo make the right decision or justify the decision you have made. Some may have begun meditating again, some taken up yoga again, others may have found a way to deal with their emotional challenges or work challenges. Irrespective, of what the change, you will feel your emotions settling. You may have felt them settling a couple of days before the new moon.

Emotions are our doors to understanding what we are meant to do and deal with. Based on my interactions with people over the last few weeks, I have found patterns in what we are going through and have tried to group them into four sets.

If you have been impatient with people lately, it would be worthwhile to understand what is causing you to lose patience with them. Usually, it is connected to an insecurity or fear within yourself. Or perhaps you are unable to accept a trait in them that you dislike in yourself.

If you have been stressed about a relationship, it would be worthwhile to understand the underlying fear for the anxiety that is causing you the stress. In situations related to relationships I always suggest that you determine who’s problem it is. If you are unhappy but your partner isn’t, whose problem is it? If you want your partner to behave or do certain things in certain ways, whose problem is it? If you want your children to behave in certain ways, whose problem is it? You may think it is also their problem but think again. Once you know whose problem it is, your approach to it will be more amenable to the other person. In some cases ofcourse the problem will lie with both and that is a conflict zone that needs to be approached differently. But if it is your problem and not theirs, then it is time you provide some constructive feedback. If it is their problem not yours, then you can offer to help. Use receptive listening skills before jumping into advice and solutions.

If you have had challenges with a work relationship, it would help you to understand your underlying fear. Once you have realised this, you can find ways to deal with this fear. Or you might even realise that the fear is unwarranted in your situation. And this will automatically take care of your challenge.

If you have had people treat you badly in the last few weeks, it may be time to learn to stand up for yourself. And understand how you must deal with people so you maintain your respect and your dignity. It will also help to say no to bad behavior and learn to be honest about how you feel. When you do provide feedback however, do so objectively, when your emotions have settled.

If you have faced other types of situations and would like to discuss, please feel free to email me through the contact page. And the Jolly Wally will be happy to share some insights into how you might be able to look at your situation differently. Placeholder Image


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