Finding Joy

A friend of Jolly Wally’s was taking a stroll in a colorful garden when he spotted an old mustang pull up the road. He took a deep breath and wished that he could have one.  A few months later, he received news that his great Uncle had passed away in the neighboring country and left him a vintage mustang. His wish was fulfilled and he was happy. For the next three months he drove around in his new car until it started to fall apart. Tired of having to fix it, he sold it and bought himself a motorbike, one he had always wanted. He rode his bike to work and to everywhere. Months went by and he began feeling restless again. He wondered if it were the lack of love and a partner that was causing him to be unhappy and restless. So he began dating again. Initially, his dates made him happy but the feeling of restlessness kept returning, like a reminder. Blaming it on the city he lived in, he decided to go on an extended trip. The travel excited him and he forgot about his restlessness. For the next few months, as he visited new cities and towns, he felt happy to meet new people and try different things but soonafter, he began missing home, his family and friends. He missed sleeping on his own bed and being in his room. So he cut his trip short and returned home and to the restlessness.

One morning, he was taking a stroll along a beach when he came across a group of old men and women, trying to cross a busy road. He rushed to their help and ushered them across the road. As he walked back home, he felt a sudden burst of emotions, feelings of joy within. They were tears of joy. He realised then, what it is, he is meant to do…

Joy is the feeling you have when you offer help to someone without an ulterior motive. Some might say you did have a motive and that is to feel joy. Perhaps… but if the motive is to feel joy, I would encourage you to keep doing it and bringing yourself joy.

Jolly Wally believes that there are two ways to find joy:

Offer to others. (Note I did not use the term, give). There is no true joy like offering help to someone in need. Be mindful of the feeling of joy versus elating your ego. If you are someone who uses the term, “I did this… I helped… I gave… I lent… and so because of me…” then you will not find joy in helping others but will look for pride instead. It is unfortunate that many who help others resort to pride over joy. You will feel joy when you offer help to someone for the sake of helping them, and when you believe that the Universe is helping them through you. And be thankful to the Universe for choosing you to be the tool. Giving you the opportunity to feel joy.

Pursue your life’s purpose. Some of us are lucky to have found our passion. Some are still looking for theirs. Some pursue their passion, as hobbies while others as their profession. If you pursue your passion, try using it to positively impact the lives of others. The feeling you will get from doing so, is immense joy. It will also help you realise your life’s true purpose, just like that friend of Jolly Wally.

A great book to help you find your true purpose is, ‘What you’re really meant to do, by Robert Kaplan.

When you use your passion for the greater good of humans, animals or plants, then you have aligned with the planet’s energy. This does not mean that you will not go through some challenges, that too is part of your journey.

A key universal rule in all this, is to remain humble and be thankful to the Universe for letting you offer help to others and not letting your pride get in the way of your joy.

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