June’s blues to a peaceful July

Jolly Wally , like many of you, has sensed energetic shifts happening in June. Some of you have wondered why your emotions have been difficult. Some of you have wondered why a number of your challenges have come together at the same time. Some of you have wondered why you’re going through challenges while your friends aren’t. The reality is that everyone is going through this shift. It is a shift in consciousness and a shift in energy that will require each of us to make changes in ourselves.

The shift has to do with dealing with life more objectively. If you are an emotional person, you may have felt this shift significantly more than others. Jolly Wally believes that emotions are important. They help us understand our inner challenges. If we don’t deal with the emotions, we tend to go into patterns. Would you rather deal with the emotion or go back into a pattern? So what do we do?

1.       Learn to understand our emotions and what they are communicating to us

2.      Then, learn to deal with our emotions so we can let them pass so we can remain objective as we continue on our journey of Life. 

So how does one deal with emotions?

While there are a number of techniques, one of them suggests stepping out  of yourself and watching yourself go through the emotion. Keep doing this until the emotion has passed. Another technique is using the concept of mindfulness and requesting the seed of the emotion to return to its seed-form. Use either technique that works for you.

Learning to understand one’s emotions takes introspection of patterns and understanding underlying fears and insecurities that cause the emotion. There is always a fear or insecurity underneath an emotion including anxieties. As long as you don’t oppose the lessons you need to learn, June’s blues will give way to a peaceful July.

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